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Day 1 : 10 July 2024
09:00-10:00 hrs Event Registration
10:00-10:30 hrs Keynote Session: Navigating Trends in Cold Storage Infrastructure
10:30-11:00 hrs Keynote Session: Sustainable Practices in Cold Storage Operations
11:00-11:30 hrs Keynote Session: Importance of Cold Rooms and Cold Storages for Food Industry specially for Frozen, Sea Food, Meat, Dairy, Ice Cream related Industry.
Speaker : Mr. Manoj Maruti Chavan, Director - Chief Executive Officer, Metecno Pannelli (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
11:30-12:00 hrs Keynote Session: How to Navigate the Complexities of Cold Chain Logistics with Improved Route Optimisation
Presentation by Thai AC 2
13:00 - 13:30 hrs: Keynote Session : Significance of the Cold Chain in the Food Industry
13:30-14:00 hrs Keynote Session : Sustainability in the Cold Chain Logistics
14:00-14:30 hrs Keynote Session : Chilling Out: How Reefer Vehicles Revolutionize Cold Supply Chains
14:30-15:00 hrs Keynote Session : How Refrigeration Systems Impact Cold Chain Success
Day 2: 11 July 2024
09:00-10:00 hrs Event Registration
10:00-11:00 hrs Panel Discussion : Future-Proofing Pharma Logistics: Challenges and Opportunities
Panellist : Mr. Vorrapong Surachaikulwattana, Senior Director, DKSH Thailand
11:00-11:30 hrs Keynote Session : The Future Landscape of Asia’s Food Logistics
11:30-12:00 hrs Keynote Session : Optimizing Energy Usage in Cold Storage Facilities: Strategies for Decreasing Energy Consumption
13:00-13:30 hrs Keynote Session : Unlocking the Cold Chain Market: Strategies for Capitalization in Funding, Business Development, and Growth
13:30-14:00 hrs Keynote Session : Significance of Cold Logistics and Effective Distribution Center Management
14:00-14:30 hrs Keynote Session : Automation: A Cold Chain Perspective
14:30-15:00 hrs Keynote Session : Keeping Fresh Produce Fresh: How Refrigerated Transport Keeps Quality High
Day 3 : 12 July 2024
09:00-10:00 hrs Event Registration
10:00-10:30 hrs Keynote Session : Current Trends and Future Prospects in Cold Chain Logistics
10:30-11:00 hrs Keynote Session : Deep-dive into the challenges and opportunities specific to the frozen food sector within the cold chain.
11:00-11:30 hrs Keynote Session : Keeping Seafood Fresh: Improving the Way It's Kept Cold
11:30-12:00 hrs Keynote Session : Exploring the intricacies of cold chain logistics and its critical role in preserving food quality.
13:00-13:30 hrs Keynote Session : Going Green with Cool Tech: Eco-Friendly Temperature Control for Cold Storage and Transport
13:30-14:00 hrs Keynote Session : Nailing the Logistics for Pharmaceuticals: Discovering the Top Methods and New Solutions for Supply Chain Success
14:00-14:30 hrs Keynote Session : Keeping It Cool on the Move: Managing Chilled and Frozen Deliveries during Transport
14:30-15:00 hrs Keynote Session : Keeping Things Chill: Software Solutions for Cold Chain Transport Management